Robin Hood and his band of ‘merry men’

Improve your use of English vocabulary by watching our version of a classic tale: Robin Hood. We’ve used the word ‘stand’ in 5 different ways in this story. You can watch part 2 and see 4 more uses of the word ‘stand’ here:


Hello, I’m Lizzie. Today’s story is a famous legend about a so-called outlaw who likes to stand up for poor people. He lives deep in Sherwood Forest in England with his band of ‘merry men’. Any ideas who this working-class hero might be? Yes, that’s right, it’s Robin Hood.

Robin has a habit of stealing from the rich to give to the poor but the Sheriff – who takes money from the poor to fund his lavish lifestyle – can’t stand him. He thinks of him as a robber and wants to have him arrested – on his wedding day of all days – just as he is about to marry the beautiful Maid Marian.

A fight breaks out but the Sheriff’s men don’t stand a chance against the fit and strong Robin. He manages to escape and goes into hiding in the vast and dense Sherwood Forest. The hunt is then on find him.

Robin lives out in the forest and as time passes he meets various people such as Little John – who’s not little at all. He’s a good fighter and Robin invites him to join his group of men who together stand for equality and fairness for everyone. They plan to steal money from the rich to help those who need it more.

But, oh dear, Robin stands to lose his lovely Maid Marian…

What’s going to happen next? You’ll have to wait until next time to find out if Robin finally gets his girl!

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