The English word ‘make’ has many meanings and uses. Here, we bring you BBC Learning English’s own version of the story of Frankenstein – and we’ve found many different ways to use the word ‘make’ in it.

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Hello, my name’s Mariam. Today’s story is a little scary and involves a scientist who makes a monster that he can’t control. Any ideas what this story might be? Let’s find out.

The man in this story is called Victor Frankenstein. As a boy he loved science and went on to study it at university. He has made a name for himself by doing impressive experiments – but his biggest idea is to bring a dead body to life. Using a mixture of chemistry, alchemy and electricity he finally succeeds and a creature – a monster – rises from the dead.

But the consequences of creating such a creature makes life very hard for Victor. His initial success turns to guilt and he starts to worry about who will look after this creature. To make matters worse, he almost goes mad and, unable to deal with the situation, he runs away, leaving the monster to roam freely in the countryside.

Then Victor gets terrible news that his younger brother, William, has been murdered. Nobody can catch the suspect but Victor assumes that the murderer is his self-created monster, but he can’t tell anyone so he makes for the mountains to hide. It’s here he meets the monster he’s created. The monster – who by now can read and understand language – confesses to the crime but he wants to tell Victor his life story.

The monster tells Victor he is lonely and being a strange-looking creature, nobody accepts him. He tells Victor that he is angry for creating him and has killed his younger brother out of revenge. Victor is shocked but the monster then demands that he creates a female companion. Victor makes a start on creating monster number two but then thinks this would bring about destruction to humanity, so he destroys it. The monster isn’t happy.

I’ll leave the story there for now. Join me later to see what happens to the monster and its creator, Victor Frankenstein. See you soon.

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