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End of the line for the VW Beetle?

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incarnations – forms of a design at various times during its development

iconic version – the most famous or popular variation from a series of designs

rear-engine model – a version with an engine at the back

archaic –old-fashioned and no longer useful

outmoded – no longer suitable, useful or modern

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Which film increased the VW Beetle’s popularity in the 1960s?


It’s the end of the line for the ‘Bug’. VW says it will stop making its much-loved Beetle next July. The car’s been through many incarnations over the years with new, modern designs replacing the iconic version seen here. Now though, the company will stop producing the car altogether. It’s left Beetle lovers heartbroken.

Pathé announcer

After an official speech by Hitler, the curtains roll back on Germany’s motor show.

The car was originally created in 1938, on Adolf Hitler’s orders. He wanted a cheap, reliable, people’s car. But by the freewheeling 60s, it found fame with the Disney film The Love Bug. Its funky designs and cheap price making it a firm favourite.

But, despite being one of the best-selling cars of all time, sales have fallen in recent years.

The company’s trying to move forward after the diesel emissions scandal and looking towards new technology. Some argue any remaining Beetle magic died 15 years ago when the rear-engine model stopped being made.

Keith Martin, Editor, Sports Car Market magazine

The world is changing very quickly. Manufacturers are all moving to electric platforms for their cars. This is an archaic, outmoded platform with an old motor in it. VW has got to move into the future.

But it may not be the end of the road forever with some suggesting a new, electric version might one day be made. So perhaps it’s farewell, rather than goodbye for this old friend.

Did you get it?

Which film increased the VW Beetle’s popularity in the 1960s?

The Disney film, The Love Bug increased the VW Beetle’s popularity in the 1960s.

Did you know?
The Volkswagen Type 1 has many unofficial nicknames worldwide. It’s known as ‘Beetle’ or ‘Bug’ in the UK and USA, ‘Coccinelle’ – ladybird – in France, ‘Peta’ – turtle – in Bolivia and ‘Kodok’ – frog in Indonesia.

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