The British authority tackling cybercrime is giving details of the extent to which the country is facing constant threats. The National Cybersecurity centre says it’s confronting more than ten cyberattacks in the UK every week.

Key words and phrases

a system or collection of rules or guidelines
• There is a dress code in this office. You need to wear a shirt and tie.
• Following the Highway Code will help you to drive safely.

prevents; opposes successully; frustrates
• The police thwarted a bank robbery. They caught the criminals before they arrived.
• My holiday plans were thwarted when my manager told me I couldn’t have time off!

doesn’t pay
does not provide a reward (monetary or otherwise)
• It doesn’t pay to cheat in exams. You can’t hide a lack of knowledge forever.
• Now that I’m in prison I can’t see my wife and kids. It’s true what they say – crime doesn’t pay!

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