A British Radio DJ who has held the unofficial distinction of broadcasting to the smallest audience in the country, has hit the big time after 44 years.

Deke Duncan, who’s 73, began broadcasting from his garden shed in 1974, but only to his wife through a speaker in his living room, as he didn’t have a licence. Deke Duncan has now been offered a one-hour special on BBC local radio over the Christmas period.

Key words and phrases

a slot
a scheduled period of time
• My band has a regular slot at the club. We play at seven o’clock every Tuesday.
• We have secured a prime slot for the new show. Six o’clock on Saturday evening!

gets a (…) break
receives favourable treatment
• Keep sending your job applications, Persistent people always get a break!
• International superstar Leona Lewis got her big break on a TV talent show.

a pop
an opportunity
• We gave the intern a pop at presenting when the regular host was sick.
• I couldn’t fix my bicycle so I asked my dad to have a pop at it.

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