The deal brought relief, temporarily at least, with the US postponing moves to increase tariffs on China in the new year. But now there is widespread confusion over the details with senior figures in the White House contradicting each other.

China has so far refused to confirm claims from President Trump that it will remove and then reduce tariffs on cars imported from the US.

Key words and phrases

done or made quickly and without care
• It was his slapdash attitude to procedure that eventually cost him his job.
• I didn’t have enough time so the cake’s a bit slapdash, but it tastes great!

breathing space
brief rest from something to regain strength or reassess
• Before considering divorce, let’s take some breathing space. Let’s try separation.
• Many students take a gap year for some breathing space before getting a job.

bumpy ride
difficult or challenging time
• It’s been a bumpy ride. I thought I’d fail but I finally passed my exams!
• Inflation and unemployment are up. The economy is in for a bumpy ride.

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