A man who illegally hunted hundreds of deer in the US has been ordered to watch a Disney film by a judge as part of his punishment. Bambi is an animated movie about a deer whose mother is killed by a hunter.

someone who illegally catches and kills animals
• The poacher hid in the tree and waited for the ranger to pass before stealing the eggs.
• Are you telling me our biggest business rival has poached our best idea? This is a disaster!

producing a lot of something
• The author Isaac Asimov is a prolific science fiction writer. He’s published over 400 books.
• With 120, Ronaldo is the most prolific goalscorer in Champions’ League history.

a sad story that makes you cry
• Les Miserables by Victor Hugo is Dan’s favourite tearjerker. He cries like a baby.
• His latest movie is a real tearjerker. Viewers are handed tissues before watching it.

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