Bumblebees have developed a ‘smoker-like’ addiction to food laced with neonicotinoids. This pesticide covered food contains nicotine. Bees seem to prefer it even though it is harmful to them.

The story
Scientists in Britain have found that, given a choice, bumblebees prefer food containing a pesticide which is harmful to them.
The research provides further evidence that bees develop addictive behaviour when exposed to neonicotinoids, similar to humans who smoke.
The pesticides have been linked to declining bee populations.

Key words and phrases

addicted to
•Have you seen the new reality TV show? I’m totally hooked on it. It’s great!
•Once I scored my first goal, I was hooked. Nothing beats football!

get a buzz
feel strong excitement, energy or pleasure
•He only seems to get a buzz out of video games. He says everything else is boring.
•Running marathons gives her a real buzz. She loves the challenge.

acquired taste
a flavour you didn’t like at first, but learned to enjoy
•Have you tried my new cocktail? It’s an acquired taste! No one likes it immediately.
•I didn’t like boxing at first, but now I’ve acquired a taste for it. It’s my new hobby.

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