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Taking a look at eye yoga

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eye strain – feeling of pain and tiredness in the eye after staring at a screen for a long time

short-sighted – unable to see distant objects clearly

long-sighted – unable to see close objects clearly

anatomically – relative to the shape of an organism

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How long has eye yoga existed?


This is one of the many eye yoga exercises Subhan is teaching his students today. Rubbing your hands vigorously together to generate energy and covering your eyes to block the light getting through, he says, helps ease out eye strain. Eye yoga has existed for centuries.

It began as an ancient practice in India and is mostly taught alongside other forms of yoga. Some students suffer from eye problems. Others are here to take a much-needed screen break.

Eye yoga student
So I am short-sighted in one eye and long-sighted in the other. And so I think my vision isn’t very clear. And then after the practices, everything seems much more focused.

Can eye yoga really help improve vision or go as far as to cure eye problems?

Subhan Nair, Eye yoga teacher, Isha Hatha Yoga
It’s more on anything that’s focus issues. According to, you know, regular science, once you get these kind of issues, you can’t reverse them. But in the Yogic system, they’re saying you can reverse them.

Though Subhan and some of his students say eye yoga helps improve eyesight there isn’t actually any scientific evidence to prove this.

Amir Hamid, Ophthalmic surgeon, Optegra Eye Hospital
They can’t correct eye problems in terms of refractive error. So in terms of the need for glasses for distance vision, the need for glasses for reading, there’s no way you can anatomically change the shape or the function of your eye, by performing an exercise.

If eye yoga was an alternative to curing or correcting eye problems eye doctors would have to look elsewhere for a career. But while eye yoga doesn’t do that, it certainly helps your eyes feel more relaxed.

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How long has eye yoga existed?

Eye yoga has existed for centuries.

Did you know?
Many studies suggest yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity, especially strength, flexibility and balance, according to the UK’s National Health Service website.

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