President Trump has bought hamburgers and pizzas for a college football team visiting the White House – blaming the government shutdown for the takeaway menu.

The White House is operating with a smaller staff owing to the federal government partial shutdown.

Key words and phrases
a selection of food served so people can help themselves
• There was a smorgasbord at one end of the hall for guests to help themselves.
• Dan offered Neil a smorgasbord of entertainment for the weekend.

has an unpleasant effect
• It’s quite mild today, but you’ll need a hat for when this winter really bites.
• Now that his hip injury has bitten, Murray is thinking of retiring from tennis.

can’t stomach it
unable to accept (something)
• Don’t play a horror movie, please. It’s too scary and I really can’t stomach it.
• I’ve never been able to stomach the awkwardness of a public argument.

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