France has fined Google $57 million for breaching new European Union laws on data and content. It’s the biggest penalty so far for breaking the laws. French prosecutors said Google was not clear enough about how it was using people’s personal information to target them with adverts.

Key words and phrases

murky = unclear and possibly dishonest

• She’s such a nice person that you’d never believe her murky past.
• The historical account is murky. No one knows what really happened.

to the tune of = to the amount of

• Ronaldo signed a contract with Juventus to the tune of €100 million.
• He received compensation for his injury to the tune of £20 thousand.

flunked = failed an assessment

• I’m going to flunk my English test – I don’t understand anything!
• Dan nearly flunked out of university in his second year. Too much partying!

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