The story
South Africans are facing a fourth day of severe power cuts. The troubled, state-run firm, Eskom, has appealed to customers to turn off all non-essential lights and appliances. The power cuts have caused transport problems in Johannesburg with many traffic lights switched off. South Africa’s ageing network has suffered from years of mismanagement.

Key words and phrases
periods of no light or electricity

• The earthquake destroyed the power station, resulting in a city-wide blackout.
• The government ordered a blackout so the enemy planes can’t target the city at night.

double whammy
two bad things happening at the same time

• Catherine had the double whammy of forgetting both her keys and her buss pass.
• Rising taxes and low sales brought the business a double whammy of bad luck.

light at the end of (the) tunnel
sign that a difficult situation will improve or end

• I was wrong. Now I’ve studied a bit more, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.
• After winning the lottery, I saw light at the end of the tunnel for my money worries.

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