British Airways flights from London to Dusseldorf are supposed to take just one hour and 20 minutes, making it a trip to the city ‘easier and more attractive than ever’, according to its website. But passengers who boarded one early-morning service took the scenic route, when the pilot mistakenly flew to Edinburgh.

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completely confused

  • The directions he gave me didn’t make sense at all. I was completely baffled!
  • I’m not looking forward to this exam. Algebra is baffling.

careless mistake, often serious

  • The goalkeeper made a serious blunder and threw the ball in his own goal!
  • The government is accused of blundering its way through the
    current political crisis.

restrain or prevent something from happening

  • I just couldn’t stifle my laughter in the cinema. I had to let it out during the film.
  • Critics claim that the government is trying to stifle free speech with the new laws.

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