Dr Martin How, University of Bristol:
We put stripy rugs on horses to see how they affected the number of visits by horseflies.
At the same time we were also looking at real zebras who also happened to be present at this horse livery. And what we found is that, incredibly, once you add stripes to a horse, it drops the number of horsefly visits dramatically.

Key words and phrases:
• People who evade paying taxes often get caught in the end.
• The criminal was unable to evade the police and was arrested yesterday.

do something to change the actions of something
• They put an electric fence around the biscuits to deter certain staff members.
• The threat of punishment helps to deter people from committing crimes.

earning their stripes
doing something to make others respect them
• By volunteering to manage the project, you’re really earning your stripes.
• Dealing with the environmental disaster helped the new politician earn his stripes.

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