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Britain’s largest female sculpture

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describing art

Need-to-know language
incongruous – different from what is expected in a certain situation

imposing – large and impressive

stance – a way of standing

dynamic – energetic and determined

bemusement – feeling of confusion

Answer this…
The statue was based on a character from a Shakespeare play. Which play?

Surfing into Plymouth on the morning tide, ‘Messenger’, as she’s known, struck an incongruous and imposing figure.

The statue has been created using both ancient and modern techniques. She’s assembled from cast bronze segments formed using robots and computer-aided design.

Her stance is based on an actor rehearsing for the Shakespearean play, Othello.

Joseph Hiller, Sculptor
If you think about most statues and Victorian statues in towns, they’re of men standing motionless. She’s very dynamic and, you know, that’s something I was very keen to capture.

Once ‘Messenger’ was safely delivered by sea, she then took to the air and was lifted onto dry land ready to take her place outside the Theatre Royal and at the centre of Plymouth’s cultural ambitions.

Adrian Vinken, Chief Executive, Theatre Royal, Plymouth
Just look at her. She is beautiful – she will make an impact on the city and hopefully people will come for many years to come to see her because she is rather special.

Originally based on the character Bianca, a courtesan in Othello, the subject matter has led to some bemusement in the city. But as she takes up her permanent place outside the theatre, it’s hoped she will become a magnet for visitors and Plymothians alike – A ‘Messenger’ that will be heard far and wide.

Did you get it?
The statue was based on a character from a Shakespeare play. Which play?

It was based on the character Bianca from Shakespeare’s play, Othello.

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