So-called ‘loot boxes’ in games like Fortnite should be controlled. That’s according to The Children’s Commissioner for England, who says kids are becoming gamblers. Neil and Georgina discuss the story and teach you the language in this free English lesson.

The story
Loot boxes in video games should be classed as gambling.

That’s what the Children’s Commissioner for England wants.

Anne Longfield also thinks games need to introduce a maximum daily spending limit for players.

Key words and phrases
splashing cash
spending lots of money on something

• I’m splashing cash on a new car at the weekend.
• My sofa was falling apart. I couldn’t afford it, but I splashed out on a new one!

labeled (American English; British English spelling: labelled)
called or seen as

• Teenagers are often labelled antisocial, which is not always fair!
• Rob doesn’t like being labelled a biscuit thief, but he was caught in the act!

stop or control something that is not wanted

• The council increased fines to curb illegal parking.
• A new police scheme aims to curb graffiti.

Language challenge
Which word means ‘stolen items’?
a) toot
b) coot
c) loot

or the answer, watch this on our website:

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