Google has breached its users’ data privacy claims the consumer watchdog ACCC – Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The tech company allegedly collected and used location data of Android tablet and phone users without obtaining full permission first. Dan and Catherine discuss the story and teach you the language in this free English lesson.

The story
Australia’s consumer watchdog has filed a lawsuit against the tech company Google, accusing it of misleading customers about its collection and use of personal data. The commission said that Google collected and used the personal information of Android phone and tablet users without giving them a proper choice.

Key words and phrases
making someone believe something untrue or incorrect

• She was found guilty of misleading customers into investing in her fake company.
• “My intention was not to mislead. I myself was misled by the data,” said the scientist.

following and observing the status of something

• The investor keenly tracked her investment by checking it on a daily basis.
• Using this new programme, we as a school can better track our students’ progress.

protector and carer of something

• As fund manager, he was the custodian of his investors’ finances.
• The custodian of the museum was proud to show me his collection of old coins.

Language challenge
Which of these is ‘an organisation responsible for ensuring companies follow the law’?

a) searchcat
b) watchdog
c) findhorse
d) peekmouse

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