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French restaurants fighting climate change

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Need-to-know language
waste food – food that’s not eaten

compost – decayed material which is turned into fertiliser for plants

organic – coming from living matter

landfill – area used to dispose of waste

greenhouse gas – gas that contributes to the trapping of energy from the Sun in the Earth’s atmosphere

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What makes landfill bad for the environment?

French cuisine, but not as you know it. On this idyllic-looking island on the northern outskirts of Paris, a food revolution is underway.

The team here are busy turning waste food from nearby restaurants and hotels into this stuff: compost. This is one of six urban composting sites across France, run by a social enterprise called Les Alchimistes.

Cyrielle Callot, Les Alchimistes
One of the biggest problems we noticed was that 30% of the waste produced within city… within Paris was actually made of organic waste. This goes to landfill, which makes no sense. We decided we could take this organic matter, which is very precious, and turn it into a solution, to turn it into compost.

Compost that is then sold in bulk to farmers. This is good for the environment, because when food waste ends up in landfill, it releases methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that warms up the planet.

In order to produce the compost a bit faster than you can in your garden, the team rely on industrial composters like these.

But how does the food waste get here in the first place, you might wonder. A team of cyclists is being assembled to collect the food in cities. More than 60 businesses have signed up and receive multiple visits like this one every day. This hotel was one of the first to get on board.

Cedry Daroso, Campanile La Villette Hotel
Our generation, we are really concerned about everything with [the] climate change and [the] waste of food.

If the scheme proves popular, this may become a more common sight in our cities.

Did you get it?
What makes landfill bad for the environment?

Food waste that ends up there releases methane – a greenhouse gas.

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