Campaigners say hot sugary drinks should be taxed in the same way as soft drinks. Catherine and Georgina discuss and teach related vocabulary.

The story

Campaigners have warned that some festive coffees and hot chocolates sold by high street chains contain shockingly high levels of sugar. The group Action on Sugar wants them to be subject to the same sugar tax as soft drinks. Several of the coffee chains in the study said they also offered healthier options.

too much (of something)
• The kids are going crazy – they’ve had a sugar overload!
• The biscuits Rob loves are overloaded with chocolate.

very full of something
• The Christmas cake was crammed with fruits and nuts.
• We were crammed in like sardines on the Tube this morning!
made from plants not animals
• This is a popular plant-based alternative to beef steak.
• In the future people might run cars on plant-based fuels.
Language challenge
What word means ‘containing lots of sugar’?
a) sugarish
b) sugarful
c) sugary

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