Many people feel uncomfortable about the idea of talking with new people, but this is something that could it be good for their state of mind. Neil and Georgina discuss research that says that seemingly inconsequential conversations with people we don’t know can have a beneficial effect on our mood and wellbeing. And our presenters feel good about teaching you related vocabulary!

This week’s question
According to the Oxford English dictionary, approximately how many words are in use in the English language?
a) 171,146
b) 271,146
c) 371,146
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

think that something is smaller or less important than it really is

guessing or expecting a certain outcome

to pluck up (the) courage
to force yourself to do something that you’re scared or nervous about

start or have a good relationship with someone

the way we feel

person who prefers to spend time on their own

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