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Christmas toys for children in poverty

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Need-to-know language
appeal – request for help in the form of a campaign e.g. for charitable donations

food bank – place where basic items of food are donated to people in need

suffering – physical or mental problems or pain

stigma – something that negatively affects someone’s or something’s reputation

Answer this…
Why did ‘Sabrina’ fall into poverty?

Superheroes and playing cards at Benthal Primary School in Stoke Newington. They’re dressed up to raise money for the Winter Toy Appeal.

43 percent of children in inner London are living in relative poverty. This annual appeal was set up in response. The co-founder delivers another load of brand new toys to the Hackney Foodbank * in Hoxton.

Basil Fasal, Winter Toy Appeal
Thousands of children in this area are really suffering and living in poverty. So our aim is to try to ensure that all of them get a special present to open on Christmas Day.

‘Sabrina’ has received one of the gifts.

Conscious of the stigma surrounding her situation, she prefers not to be fully identified. After her contract ended abruptly, she was forced to apply for universal credit [government assistance], but the money took three months to arrive.

‘Sabrina’, parent
My car ended up getting repossessed. I ended up falling into rent arrears. You don’t want to see your child’s face on Christmas Day, you know, no presents under the tree or not even a single present even if you don’t have a tree. But nothing to open and then when they go back to school: “What did you get for Christmas?”

Toys have been pouring in from online deliveries and brought in person to collection points.

Did you get it?
Why did ‘Sabrina’ fall into poverty?

Her contract ended abruptly and the money from universal credit took three months to arrive.

  • ‘Hackney Foodbank’ is the name of an organisation. Normally ‘food bank’ is written as two words.

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