The impeachment trial of Donald Trump is nearing its end. A ‘not guilty’ verdict looks likely in the Trump impeachment trial. Dan and Catherine look at the vocabulary in the news around this story.

The story
Final arguments have been heard in the impeachment trial of President Trump. The Republican-dominated US Senate then adjourned. The chamber will now almost certainly vote to acquit the president in its concluding vote on Wednesday.

Key words and phrases:

continues weakly

• The engine sputters and shakes, but it never stops going!
• The relationship sputtered to a halt 6 months later and they broke up.

false, fake or bogus

• The government is cracking down on sham marriages for visas.
• The whole situation was a sham. He just wanted to steal her money.

control or limit

• Local regulations constrain the height of new buildings
• The school wants to do more but we’re constrained by our budget.

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