Running a marathon makes your heart younger. Taking part in just one marathon can make your heart ‘younger’ by years, according to new research. Neil and Georgina look at the vocabulary in the news around this story.

The story:
Researchers say regular running, no matter how far or how fast, substantially reduces the risk of an early death. A team from Australia, Thailand and Finland examined data on nearly a quarter of a million people, and found that any amount of running was linked to a 27% reduction in mortality.

• In hard times, the government often cuts arts funding first.
• It’s simple – cut smoking and health improves.

taking on
making a decision to do something challenging
• I’m taking on a huge new international project.
• Jorge’s taken on too much work. He can’t cope!

change the direction of something to the opposite
• In a driving test, you must show you can reverse the car.
• The school reversed its decision. Now girls can wear trousers.

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