Neil and Georgina teach you the language the world’s media is using to discuss this news story. Some tourists have been rescued from a Scottish mountain. They had a lucky escape after getting stuck on Britain’s highest mountain in Scotland in freezing weather.

The story:
The group of four were found by Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team in an ice-bound gully. The team said they could easily have fallen hundreds of feet. They did not have ice axes or crampons, which are essential for winter climbing. They had no map, and three of them were wearing trainers.

people who behave in a silly way
• Stop driving like a clown – you’ll get us killed!
• The kids were clowning around instead of cleaning their room.

group of things of the same type gathered together
• I met a bunch of mates for dinner last night.
• There was a bunch of rowdy teenagers at the party.

cut them some slack
be less critical of them
• We need to cut him some slack for his lateness. He has a young baby.
• Rob ate the last biscuit, but I cut him some slack as he’s hungry!

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