How do you feed the world’s ever-growing population when the amount of land available to grow things is getting smaller? Could pond scum be the answer? Scientists say this microalgae, which can be grown almost anywhere, could be part of the solution. Neil and Sam discuss the latest superfood craze and teach you some useful vocabulary too.

This week’s question
What do the following three things have in common: oceans, snow and Neil’s garden patio?

a) They are all good places to relax
b) They are all very cold
c) They are all places where microalgae grow

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

pond scum
a slang name for microalgae like spirulina and chlorella

having a moment
becoming more well-known and popular at this moment in time; similar to ‘trending’

a type of food which is especially full of healthy nutrients like vitamins, minerals and protein

becoming stretched
not enough resources to meet people’s needs.

sustainable intensification
food produced in ways which don’t damage the environment or use new land.

any plant or animal life form

You’ll find the transcript here:

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