**This is a replacement for our earlier video, which was corrupted and did not show the full programme. **
Good news for blue whales and for you if you want to learn topical vocabulary! Scientists say they’ve seen a remarkable number of blue whales in recent weeks near the island of South Georgia in the South Atlantic. A survey counted 55 animals – a figure unprecedented in the decade since commercial whaling ended. Learn the vocabulary to talk about this new story.

never having happened before
• Unprecedented bush fires hit Australia last year.
• Federer is hoping to win an unprecedented ninth Wimbledon.

bouncing back
becoming successful again after a bad experience
• Her hat trick shows she’s really bouncing back from her broken leg.
• The Amazon will never bounce back from deforestation.

increase quickly
• Markets soar when there’s confidence in the economy.
• Ticket prices soared when the home team made the final.

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