Meditating can change your mind – that’s the opinion of some experts. Listen to this episode of 6 Minute English as Sam and Neil discuss the effects of meditating on your brain and teach you some useful English vocabulary along the way.

What is the meaning of the Tibetan word for ‘meditation’? Is it…
a) to relax
b) to feel blissful
c) to become familiar
[The answer is at the end of the programme.]


science concerning the workings of the nervous system and brain

attitude wishing everyone to be free from all physical and mental suffering

a flash of insight
a sudden moment of understanding something previously not understood; also known as an Aha! moment

the brain’s ability to restructure its neural, electrical pathways in response to purposeful activity

brain circuits
groups of interconnected neurons that perform a specific function when activated

lasting over a long period of time

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