How clever is artificial intelligence? It currently helps us in many ways from car satnavs to detecting cancer cells but it’s yet to be cleverer than us humans. We still need to train AI to do things but should we fear that it eventually learns too much? Neil and Sam discuss the subject and teach some useful vocabulary.

This week’s question:
In terms of brain cell count, what level of intelligence is AI currently working at? Is AI as smart as:
a) a frog
b) an earthworm
c) a bumblebee

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

chat-up lines
remarks men and women make to start up a romantic conversation with someone they don’t know but find attractive

computer programmers
people who write, or code, computer programmes

a set of rules or procedures to be followed by computers in problem-solving exercises

trial and error
repeating the same task over and over until finding the most successful way

reducing as much as possible

a stroke of luck
when something unexpected happens by good luck or chance

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