Covid-19: singing is cheering people up in the UK during the coronavirus lockdown. Learn English vocabulary while you watch. How are you keeping happy in self-isolation?

The story
BBC Radio stations have joined forces for a national singalong. To lift the spirits of people staying at home, songs requested by listeners are being played. Radio 1’s Greg James got the party started with Florence and the Machine’s ‘You’ve Got the Love’.

Key words and phrases
an informal occasion when people sing songs together

My favourite pub always has a singalong around the piano on a Friday night.
A good singalong can really cheer people up.

My favourite TV drama airs at 9pm every Thursday.
She’s always airing her opinions, even when I’m not interested!

expresses admiration for someone or something
His children are confident because he always praises them.
Some people love being praised in public; others find it embarrassing.

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