Improve your English vocabulary and listening in just 6 minutes! Do you know the origins of the Cornish pasty? The traditional tasty snack from Cornwall in the UK is popular around the world – but does it have to be made in this region of England to make it a genuine Cornish pasty? Rob and Neil talk about food and teach you some vocabulary in this free English lesson.

This week’s question
What is the traditional filling in an authentic Cornish pasty? Is it:

a) Chicken, avocado and brie
b) Beef, potato and turnip
c) Pork, onion and chorizo

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

pewter dishes
traditional dishes made from a silver-coloured metal called pewter

people who do physical work, especially outdoors

the time of year when crops like wheat or barley are cut and collected from the fields

digging up materials such as coal, diamonds or metals like gold and tin from the ground

done again in exactly the same way

reminiscent (of)
making you remember a particular person, place or thing

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