👏 While we are in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, learn vocabulary with this good news story to cheer us up. A 99-year-old British man has raised millions of pounds to donate to the UK’s National Health Service to help fight the coronavirus. People have been sponsoring him to walk up and down his back garden. Neil and Catherine look at the vocabulary in the news around this heart-warming story.

Please note: We have decided to activate YouTube’s automatic subtitles on this video. The BBC is not responsible for the accuracy of YouTube automatic subtitles.

event organised to raise money
• Have you donated to Gustavo’s fundraiser? He’s running a marathon for a cancer charity.
• The dinner’s a fundraiser for the party ahead of the general election.

making people feel happier
• That film about the dog that rescued its owner was so uplifting.
• At times of crisis, people want uplifting stories to make them feel better.

person who used to be in the armed forces

• There are hundreds of Hollywood films about the struggles of Vietnam vets.
• You can see vets in their uniforms at war memorial services around the world.

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