Have you ever bought anything online by mistake? One-year-old Alice was playing with her dad’s phone when she ordered an onion by accident at the eye-watering price of almost £20. Neil and Catherine discuss this news story and help you to learn English vocabulary to talk about it.

*Please note: We have decided to activate YouTube’s automatic subtitles on this video. The BBC is not responsible for the accuracy of YouTube automatic subtitles.

The story

It’s one of the most important lessons in life – don’t leave your unlocked phone lying around. Jamie Mitchell wasn’t listening, though. His one-year-old was straight on there – not with a joke Facebook status or a million selfies… Alice chose Deliveroo. And spent 20 quid on an onion.

describes an amount much larger than expected

• 99-year-old Captain Tom Moore has raised an eye-watering 28 million pounds for charity.
• Students often take on eye-watering amounts of debt to pay for their studies.

racks up
gets a large amount of something

• Cat videos rack up huge viewing figures on social media platforms.
• The coronavirus is racking up massive bills for the economy.

a little confused

• There are often bemused tourists at fish and chip shops in London wondering whether to add vinegar.
• He looked at the map with a bemused expression then walked off in the wrong direction.

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