Kamala Harris has become the first black woman to accept a nomination as US Vice-President. She’ll be working with Joe Biden to take on President Trump in November’s elections. Rob and Catherine have the vocabulary you need to talk about this story.

Video chapters
0:00 – Introduction
0:31 – The story
1:19 – Headline 1: Kamala Harris accepts historic vice presidential nod
4:02 – Headline 2: Hysteria and dismay: Fox hosts spend evening fear-mongering over Kamala Harris
7:37 – Headline 3: DNC 2020: Kamala Harris blasts Trump ‘failure of leadership’
10:38 – Language summary

The story
The first black woman to be chosen as US Vice-President candidate, Kamala Harris, has accepted her nomination.

She’ll run alongside Joe Biden to take on President Trump, who’s been accused by former US president Barack Obama of not taking the job seriously.

Key words and phrases:
official act to suggest that someone should be given a prize or position

  • Freya got the nod that she’d come first in the spelling competition.
  • The Hollywood actor was very happy to hear he’d got the film award nod.

encouraging an activity that is damaging or hurtful

  • All this doom-mongering about job losses has made everyone very nervous.
  • We decided to stock-up with toilet rolls after all the fear-mongering about a shortage

severely criticises

  • The railway company was blasted for continually cancelling train services.
  • The politician blasts the newspaper for misquoting him in an article.

To do
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