The Canadian programme Schitt’s Creek set a new record for a single comedy show when it won seven Emmy Awards. This all happened at this year’s online Emmy Awards ceremony. Tom and Catherine look at the vocabulary in the news around this story.

Video chapters
0:00 – Introduction
0:47 – The story
1:30- Headline 1: Schitt’s Creek sweeps Emmy comedy awards
4:15 – Headline 2: Emmy Awards 2020: Schitt’s Creek and Succession win big
7:00 – Headline 3: Emmys 2020: Bad year for British talent, but a big night for Schitt’s Creek and Succession
9:14 – Language summary

The story
Schitt’s Creek has won every comedy award at the Emmys.

The night’s other big success story is Zendaya who’s made history as the youngest person to win lead actress for her role in Euphoria.

Key words and phrases
easily wins everything that can be won

The team won the final match 3-0 to sweep to victory.
Critics were amazed when the drama series completely swept the awards ceremony.

win big
win many times, or win a large prize

The football team are hoping to win big in tonight’s championship match.
He won big during his visit to the casino last night!

a big night
an important evening which is usually expected

The actors had a big night. They took home seven awards.
They’ve been planning the wedding reception for ages. It will be a big night.

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