Organisers of Sunday’s 4th October London Marathon say they are incredibly proud it went ahead during the pandemic. Thousands of runners took part following their own routes across the country, including 87-year-old Ken Jones in County Tyrone, who finished in just under eight hours.

Video chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
1:53 – Headline 1: ‘Strangest ever’ London Marathon is a virtual hit with 43,000 runners
5:30 – Headline 2: Eileen Noble, 85, braves torrential rain to become oldest woman to complete 2020 London Marathon despite the pandemic
8:10 – Headline 3: Prince Harry inspires London Marathon runners in heartwarming surprise ‘So down to earth’
10:20 – Language summary

Key words and phrases:
similar but not completely the same
• We held a virtual event so more people could attend.
• During lockdown I felt like a virtual prisoner in my own home.
deals with a difficult situation with courage
• They braved the elements to swim in the cold sea.
• We decided to brave the crowds and go shopping in the sales.
bringing happiness and pleasure
• The film Paddington 2 has a heartwarming ending.
• His kind actions were heartwarming.

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