Learn English and improve your vocabulary and grammar in this 70-minute mega-class! We cover 176 easily confused English words that you need to take your English skills to the next level! All of our best English In A Minute topics are covered here, so sit back and get ready to give your English a huge boost now!

0:00 Have an appointment vs. Meet someone
0:45 For vs. Since
01:32 So vs. Such
02:12 Fun vs. Funny
03:01 Notify vs. Let someone know
03:39 Both vs. Either vs. Neither
04:40 History vs. Story
05:53 Stop to do vs. Stop doing
06:37 Must vs. Have to
07:25 Too & Very
08:23 Person vs. Persons vs. People vs. Peoples
09:22 Mustn’t vs. Don’t have to
10:08 Come back vs. Go back
11:03 Raise vs. Rise
11:58 Steal vs. Rob
12:54 Every time vs. All the time
13:48 Sports: play, do or go?
14:43 No vs. Not any vs. None
15:45 Especially vs. Specially
16:49 Be going to vs. Present continuous
17:53 Even though vs. Even if
18:57 Been vs. gone
20:01 Remember to do vs. Remember doing
21:02 Prevent vs. Avoid
22:00 What vs. Which
23:03 While vs. During
24:11 Lay vs. Lie
25:17 Affect vs. Effect
26:19 Remember vs. Remind
27:22 Actually vs. At the moment
28:26 Until vs. By
29:35 Don’t mind vs. Doesn’t mind
30:37 Everyone vs. Anyone
31:38 Still, Already & Yet
32:41 Very vs. Really vs. Absolutely
33:44 Wish vs. Hope
34:44 Whoever, Whatever, Whenever and Wherever
35:49 Like & As
36:51 In case vs. If
37:55 Less vs. Fewer
38:56 In the end vs. at the end
39:56 Bored vs. Boring
40:55 Go on doing vs. Go on to do
41:56 Maybe vs. May be
42:58 See & Hear
43:59 Unless vs. As long as
45:00 Good vs. Well
46:02 Little vs. A little
47:05 Lend vs. Borrow
48:07 Too & Enough
48:59 See, Watch & Look
50:01 Each vs. Every
51:01 Fine vs. Finely
51:57 To match, To fit & To suit
52:59 On time vs. In time
54:02 Continuously vs. Continually
55:03 Sensible vs. Sensitive
56:00 Hear vs. Listen
57:03 All vs. Every vs. Whole
57:58 Hire vs. Rent vs. Let
59:00 All vs. Everybody vs. Everyone
01:00:02 Last vs. For the last vs. In the last
01:01:06 Soon vs. Early vs. Quickly
01:02:07 Needn’t vs. Not need to
01:03:08 Could vs. Was able to
01:04:11 Peep vs. Peer vs. Glimpse
01:05:12 Whisper vs. Murmur vs. Mumble
01:06:14 Also vs. As well vs. Too
01:07:15 When vs. If
01:08:18 As if vs. As though
01:09:19 Beside vs. Besides
01:10:22 Next vs. The next vs. Nearest
01:11:15 So vs. Neither

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