Many countries in the world are having economic problems because of Covid-19. However, China’s economy is quickly beginning to grow again. This is based on recent economic reports from China.
Tom and Catherine look at the vocabulary in the news around this story.

The story

China’s economy continues to grow at rates unimaginable in other Covid-hit countries. Industrial output came in above expectations but retail sales were slower than predicted.

Domestic tourists, though, probably helped the recovery continue by spending their money at home because restrictions mean they can’t yet go abroad.

Video chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
0:29 – Story
1:30 – Headline 1: China’s economy continues to bounce back from virus slump
4:28 – Headline 2: China’s economy accelerates as virus recovery gains strength
7:34 – Headline 3: China’s economic rebound accelerates as consumers open wallets
10:11 – Language summary

Key words and phrases

bounce back
return to a high level

• Analysts expect the economy to bounce back after Christmas.
• The prime minister bounced back to normal duties after his recent illness.

goes faster
• Tech companies’ growth continues to accelerate year on year.
• If you don’t accelerate, we aren’t going to arrive on time.

• Shareholders were thrilled at the company’s financial rebound last year.
• China is the first country to experience an economic rebound after Covid-19.

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