Improve your English vocabulary and listening in just six minutes!
The amount of waste we produce around the world is huge and it’s a growing problem. Recycling has partly been the solution to the issue but it hasn’t been enough. Now there are calls to develop a circular economy which makes manufacturers responsible for what happens to the goods they produce. We discuss this in six minutes and teach some new – not recycled – vocabulary!

This week’s question:
Which country recycles the highest percentage of its waste? Is it:
A: Sweden
B: Germany
C: New Zealand

Watch the video to find out the answer.

to separate
to divide or split different things into different categories or groups

to treat
to process or deal with, for example, recycled waste

out of sight, out of mind
a phrase that means we ignore or don’t think about what we don’t see

the person or company that makes a product

a person that buys a product

the length of time a product is designed to work for

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