Improve your English vocabulary and speaking with this ‘food and drink’ 6 Minute English compilation from BBC Learning English! One hour of listening practice to help improve your English listening and learn LOTS of new vocabulary! There are 10 episodes and each contains authentic listening practice, fun quiz questions, analysis of new vocabulary and looks at how to use these words in real-life contexts!

0:00 The smell of coffee
6:12 Why pay for bottled water?
12:18 Street food: why is it becoming popular?
18:23 How much sugar do you really eat?
24:28 Would you eat less meat to save the environment?
30:33 The food delivery revolution
36:39 The future of food
42:45 Are food allergies more common?
48:52 What do foodies really know?
54:56 Food made in space

You can find the transcripts, quizzes, vocabulary and activities on our website:

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