Some people are too busy texting to talk. With the huge rise of mobile phones in recent decades, communicating by text has become more and more popular. Neil and Georgina talk about why people often choose to text, instead of talk to the people in their lives.

This week’s question
Young people are often the biggest users of mobile phones, but in a 2016 study, what percentage of British teenagers said they would prefer to send a text rather than speak to someone, even if they were in the same room? Is it…
a) 9 percent?
b) 49 percent?
c) 99 percent?
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

musical way someone’s voice rises and falls when speaking; vocal changes which often effect the meaning of what is said

idea or plan of something you are going to do

small group of words often with a particular meaning

in person
actually physically present or face to face, instead of via email, telephone or text

get annoyed
become angry, upset or irritated

minefield / treading on mines
situation full of hidden problems and dangers where people need to act carefully

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