Negotiators from the UK and EU have begun a new push to reach agreement on post-Brexit trade after both sides agreed “to go the extra mile” Catherine and Neil explain this and other phrases and vocabulary you need to talk about this story.

Video chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
0:32 – Story
1:45 – Headline 1: Brexit trade talks: UK and EU to ‘go the extra mile’ in effort to agree deal
5:53 – Headline 2: No-deal chaos: Supermarkets told to ‘stockpile food’ by UK officials amid shortage fears
8:30- Headline 3: Boris Johnson won’t be able to escape responsibility for a crash-out Brexit
10:28 – Language summary

The story:
Neither Downing Street nor Brussels has set a deadline for the extended talks, though sources on both sides suggest the next few days could be crucial. Those close to the British side of the negotiations are pointing out that if there hadn’t been any progress in the past few days, then talks would have been brought to a halt at the weekend.

Key words and phrases:
go the extra mile – make a greater effort than is expected

If you go the extra mile with your studies, you’ll probably pass the exam.
Health workers have gone the extra mile during the pandemic.

stockpile – gather a large amount of something for future use

Some people started stockpiling toilet paper during the first wave of coronavirus.
If too many people stockpile essential goods, there won’t be enough for everybody.

crash-out – leave in a disorganised way

Everyone thought the finance minister would become the next party leader but he crashed out in the first round of voting.
Manchester United crashed out of the Champions’ League in the early stages.

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