Can a woollen hat make a difference when you are cold? Every winter someone might tell you to put one on to save your body from losing all of its heat. But how much heat do you actually lose from your head? Rob and Georgina talk about percentages and teach you some English vocabulary.

This week’s question
According to the ‘Cold Weather Survival’ chapter of the US army field guide, how much heat is lost in the cold through an uncovered head?
a) 30 to 35%
b) 40 to 45%
c) 50 to 55%
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

popular myth
something believed to be true by many people but which is actually not true

surface area
total area of the outer surfaces of an object

heat loss
measurement of the total heat transferred away from something through its surface

material used to stop heat from escaping in order to keep something warm

not moving or doing anything active; in a state of rest

core temperature
body’s internal temperature, including the heart, other vital organs and blood

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