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Feeling happy is more important than ever right now, especially as many things seem to be out of our control. Neil and Georgina talk about what small things you can do to feel better about life.

This week’s question:
Did you know that every year the UN publishes its Global Happiness Survey revealing the happiest countries in the world? It’s based on factors like income, life expectancy and health. The Nordic countries often come in the top ten, but which country was rated the happiest in 2020? Was it…

a) Iceland?
b) Denmark?
c) Finland?

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

the glass is half full/empty
used to say that someone has a tendency to look at situations in a positive or negative way

correct position in relation to something else

feeling grateful, expressing thanks to another person

hamster on a wheel
someone involved in activities that make them busy all the time but without ever achieving anything important or managing to finish a task

the pleasure you feel when you do something you wanted to do, or get something you wanted to get

hedonic treadmill
the human tendency to return to the same level of happiness after something very good or very bad has happened

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