Digital technology is dramatically improving the lives of blind people all around the world. Neil and Georgina talk about these inventions which help blind people work around their disabilities or challenges.

This week’s question:
In 1842 a technique of using fingers to feel printed raised dots was invented which allowed blind people to read. But who invented it? Was it…

a) Margaret Walker?

b) Louis Braille?

c) Samuel Morse?

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

assistive technology
equipment and technology that assist individuals with disabilities to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible

object that blocks your movement because it is in your way

ultrasound system used by some animals to determine the position of nearly objects by measuring how long it takes for an echo to return from the object

visually impaired
having a decreased ability to see that causes problems, whether disabling or not

treats as normal something which has not been accepted as being normal before

not a big deal
not a serious or significant problem

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