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Do you establish good understanding and communication with other people? Do you find it easy to get on with everybody? Neil and Georgina discuss four styles of communication and teach you related vocabulary along the way.

This week’s question:
In 1936, American writer Dale Carnegie wrote a famous self-help book on building rapport. It sold over 30 million copies, making it one of the best-selling books of all time – but what is it called?

a) How to get rich quick
b) How to stop worrying and make friends
c) How to win friends and influence people

Watch the video to find out the answer.

a relationship between two people based on good understanding and communication

to get on with (someone)
to like someone and enjoy a friendly relationship with them

walk a tightrope
be in a difficult situation which requires carefully considering what to do

based on the facts not personal feelings or emotions

express yourself in an open, honest and sincere way

say the opposite of what you really mean, in order to hurt someone’s feelings or criticise them in a humorous way

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