The world creates more than two billion tonnes of rubbish every year – shouldn’t we start making it easier to fix objects and clothes rather than throw them away and buy new ones? Rob and Sam talk about companies in Sweden doing just that, and teach you vocabulary along the way.

This week’s question:
The company was started by Rafi Mohammad, a student of Industrial Innovation at the University of Stockholm. But what was the inspiration behind Rafi’s idea? Was it:
a) he wanted to impress his girlfriend?
b) he was sick of breathing in the city’s car fumes?
c) he was late for his lecture because of a flat tyre?

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

a given
something that is assumed to be true or certain to happen

a decision that is very easy to make; an obvious choice

things, objects and personal possessions (informal)

peer effect
the positive or negative influence of peers and friends on the way you behave

encourage the development and growth of ideas or feelings

be mainstream
be accepted as normal by most people

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