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Either used for treating phobias or just for entertainment, hypnotism has always fascinated us. One question that’s often asked: can anyone be hypnotised or are there people – maybe you – who are less hypnotisable than others? Rob and Sam talk about the topic and teach you related vocabulary along the way.

One of the first Europeans to hypnotise people became so famous that his name is forever associated with hypnotic trances – but who was he?

a) Sigmund Freud
b) Franz Mesmer
c) Harry Houdini

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

a state of consciousness in which you are not completely aware or in control of yourself, but in which you can hear and see things and respond to commands given by others

easily influenced by other people

lose track of time
become so occupied with something that you are not sure how much time has passed

get sucked into (something)
become involved in a situation when you do not want to be involved

to hone in on (something)
to give all your attention to something

be mesmerised
have your attention completely fixed so that you cannot think of anything else

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