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For some, it’s a companion when it comes to relaxing at the end of a hard day. For others, it’s a complex elixir which requires study and involves almost a ritual. We are talking about wine. Rob and Sam talk about the life of a sommelier and teach you related vocabulary along the way.

This week’s question:
In 2018, a bottle of wine dating back to 1774 sold at auction in eastern France for a record-breaking price. Do you know how much it was sold for?
a) $20,800
b) $120,800
c) $220,800

Watch the video to find out the answer.

cheap, poor quality wine

someone who enjoys a particular thing and knows a lot about it

someone who serves and give advice about wine in a restaurant

word used to emphasise the amount of something; nothing but

describes someone’s ability to distinguish and appreciate different tastes

changes information into something we can use or understand

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