In this programme, Neil and Sam will be discussing whether the revolution in artificial intelligence, often shortened to ‘AI’, could replace human doctors and nurses. Can you imagine a future without doctors?
Listen to the conversation and learn vocabulary along the way.

This week’s question
It’s a well-known fact that skin is the human body’s largest organ – but how much skin does the average adult have?
a) 2 square metres
b) 3 square metres
c) 4 square metres
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

bedside manner
the kind and caring behaviour shown by doctors and nurses to people who are ill

small brown or ginger spot on someone’s skin, especially a person with pale skin

involving cancer

a doctor’s judgement about what someone’s particular sickness or disease is, made after examining them

rule of thumb
a useful and practical but approximate way of doing or measuring something

where, how, what, why on earth…?
an emphatic way of forming a statement or question to show frustration, anger, surprise or disbelief

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