Improve your English vocabulary and speaking with this ‘sports & activities expressions’ compilation box set from our series ‘The English We Speak’! Do lots of listening practice and learn LOTS of new English words!

There are 10 programmes in this collection from BBC Learning English and each one explains the meaning and use of a real everyday British English expression with plenty of examples of how to use the words in real-life contexts! (Images: Getty)

0:00 – Intro
0:07 – What is a ‘walk in the park’?
2:28 – What does ‘like riding a bike’ mean?
4:59 – What is ‘dad dancing’?
7:22 – What is ‘punching above your weight’?
9:49 – What does ‘make a song and dance’ mean?
12:34 – What is your ‘A game’?
15:13 – What is ‘couch surfing’?
17:57 – What does ‘kick into the long grass’ mean?
20:34 – What does ‘up your game’ mean?
22:58 – What does ‘do a runner’ mean?

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